How to obtain lower airfares when travelling on business


Chengde Most business travellers want to spend as few days away from home as possible, and unsurprisingly airlines price tickets accordingly, charging up to 5 times more than an equivalent priced ticket for travel on Saturday. Fortunately, with the advent of low-cost airlines, full-service have had to entirely change their fare structures and travel, at least in Europe, is now significantly cheaper. Inter-continental travel, particularly to the United States, has seen little improvement however. The cost of a standard-class economy ticket for travel Monday back Friday or for a two or three day midweek trip on a typical journey London-New York is £1695.00 (incl. taxes) whereas travelling on a Saturday and return anytime the return cost is £505.00 (incl. taxes). Premium Economy £2464.00 (incl. taxes) but travel Saturday £1067.00 (incl. taxes) and Business Class £5175.00 (incl. taxes) and travel Saturday £2085.00 (incl. taxes).

blackly So how does the busy business traveller save money and keep weekends free?

shamefacedly TMCs such as ourselves who hold an ATOL licence are able to offer inclusive tour fares which must be sold with hotel accommodation or car rental. These fares have a 2 or 3 night minimum stay but if you are travelling to the US you will most probably need hotel accommodation and the savings are considerable. Airfares provide a 40-50% saving compared with the standard cost e.g. £985.00 standard economy return, £1495.00 Premium Economy return ad £2595.00 Business Class return. Fares are available with direct airlines, BA and Virgin but not shown on the airline’s website or via a self-booking tool.

These IT fares are available with only a select few TMCs of which we are one.

Jan, 23, 2015