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Why Choose Us?


Established in 1986, this owner managed business has a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to business travel. In those nearly thirty years many things have changed especially when it comes to technology and we have embraced elements that help our clients. Our staff have an average experience of 15 years working in the industry making them ours and your greatest travel support.


Tailored to you

One thing that has never changed is our core belief in providing exceptional personal service. Every one of our clients has a named Account Manager and a support team (all based in the UK) who will make it their job to ensure they understand you as a client and your needs and requirements. By taking the time to know our clients we can make sure we are delivering the service they require.

One-stop shop

A number of our clients have referred to us as their very own out of house travel management department and we think this sums it up beautifully. We aim to know your business and requirements as if we were in-house but with out the associated costs. If its travel related then we are here to help and believe us we have had some unusual requests over the last thirty years.



We are continually reviewing what is best for each of our clients and never shy from technology that will help deliver better service for our clients.

Destinations technology deliver the best value for our clients allowing you to quickly evaluate the best prices in the market. This works in real time and monitors flight records with data direct from air traffic control.

Our intuitive service is built on the foundation of totally secure protected profiles, preventing your travellers from having to repeat their preferences every time they book.

Global Coverage

No matter how far of the beaten track it is we can help. Our team of knowledgeable staff are well versed in organising transport
and accommodation to the more obscure locations as well as the well travelled business routes. So whether it’s a Geneva stop over, New York meeting or a board meeting in Yakutsk we know we can deliver your perfect, hassle free travel co-ordination.


24-hour cover

It’s good to talk... whilst we are proud of our technology and the many benefits this can provide our clients there are often those times when you just need to speak to someone and not just anyone. That’s why 24 hours a day 365 days a year one of our most senior account managers is only ever a phone call away.

28-years of experience

Established in 1986, this owner managed business has a wealth of knowledge and expertise

Personal service

Your very own account handler – speak to the same person no matter what you query

One-stop shop

We take care of your journey and everything in between – pre-trip to post-trip

Modern technology

Traditional values that fully embrace modern technology

Global coverage

There’s no place we can’t go – business travel can be arranged for anywhere on the globe

24-hour cover

Full cover, 24-hours a day, in- house – no outside agencies, just your account handler


  • Attention to detail is what Destinations excels at: from knowing my first choice seat on different airlines, to my preferred hotel in each destination. No matter how busy I am, I can relax knowing that Destinations have taken care of everything. Destinations is by far the most efficient, consistent and pleasant travel agency I have ever worked with.

    buy accutane canada pharmacy, Managing Director, Global Health, Edelman

  • I have worked with Destinations for the past 14 years. I'm responsible for organising complicated, multi-sector itineraries for the Group Chief Executive and directors. Destinations have provided cost-effective solutions for travel requirements. They are familiar with each traveller's preferences and automatically take these into account without the need for prompting, effectively acting as our partner.

    buy accutane online canada pharmacy, PA to the Group Chief Executive, Acteon Group Limited